OEM business

Croster Co.,Ltd. provides an integrated manufacturing system from “designing/planning, material selecting, manufacturing/delivery control, import procedures” to “delivery”.
Various kinds of products, such as sports bag, fashion bag, key case, wallet, DS case and other small goods are available for OEM business.

We are happy to receive any questions or consultations.
Please contact us by number shown on the page below.

OEM business process

We provide the best idea to match plans and budgets of customers.

  • New inquiry from design/plan.
  • Provide design/plan by customer and require from production/delivery control, import procedures to delivery.
  • Any other inquiry are welcome.

Contact us

Please share your plan with us.
Our best match sales representative will introduce you the brief procedure of business over phone/mail. After that, we will arrange meeting.

Let us hear about your plans.

We would like to discuss precisely about your plans.
We will propose you the latest technology/material/design which meet your requirement.
・Usage (business, casual, sports, outdoors, etc.)
・Function (pocket, swivel, shoulder belt, pads)
・Budget (you can select the best materials and parts to meet your budget)
・Production volume (will select the best suitable factory according to the production lot)
・Delivery (short delivery may possible for some season)

We will offer you the most suitable plans.

After hearing about your plans precisely, we will arrange the most suitable plan/design then provide you the plan proposal sheet.
・Plan (recommend plans match to your concepts)
・Offer sheet

Please consider our proposal

Please study well our proposal.
If it is acceptable, we will start making samples.

Checking samples

Please check our samples at your side.
We will fix/revise according to your requirement.
After confirmed final sample, we will start mass-production to the factory.


Will prepare all required fabric/materials then start mass-production.
Our staff in charge of production will visit factories in domestic/overseas to check/control production process/quality as well as instruct local staffs.

Finish production→ Delivery

Finish production at the factory.
We will arrange full/partial delivery to your destination.
For overseas products, we will arrange the import procedures and deliver to your destination.

Questions regarding OEM business

(Office hours: Mon.-Fri. 10 a.m. – 18 p.m. *the days are off on Saturdays and Sundays)