Who we are


Ever since the establishment in 1959, Croster Co.,Ltd. has been manufacturing mountaineering and outdoor products with the finest craftsmanship to the present-day. In recent years, we have been establishing a firm status as a diversified bag manufacturer by producing sporty to casual style bags in its core business.
We have been manufacturing bags with a commitment to Japan’s historic and traditional manufacturing method ever since its establishment. We have also been expanding its business as a diversified bag supplier to answer multiple customer needs which are expected in the globalizing society.


We are deeply aware of the needs to keep up with the tide of globalization, the aging-society, and the maturing Japanese society. However, as the motto of a company, we always dedicate our heart to keep offering the finest quality, reliability, and safety to our customers. This is the philosophy of Croster Co.,Ltd. and is target too. Time goes by but good products are timeless. We have been manufacturing the fine products to promote “Japan Made” craftsmanship to the world. Due to progress of globalization, the demand of establishing supply chain in manufacture bags arises worldwide. To maintain the position as a leading company, Croster Co.,Ltd. is trying actively to adapt this trend. In addition, we will make further effort to create our products more ecological and promote them to improve the quality of life for aged generation.
In terms of being “ecological,” we come up with durable products reducing waste as possible for our planet.

Croster Co.,Ltd. will continue to maintain the trust we built with our customers and prosper as a global company which started from Asakusa’s “Japan Spirit” which rooted in Croster Co.,Ltd.
We would like to ask for your continued support for years to come.

Croster Co.,Ltd.